Samstag, 2. Mai 2009

Slowly the Eichhörnchen ernährt itself!

If the only problem is speed...hell! I dont care. Cause it´s looking good. It´s looking really really good for Elementation 2d with physics! Check this out:

It´s been a lot of long nights, a lot of drinks to forget the problems I had and a lot of coffee´s to keep myself awake (well and beside I have to write my diploma and keep my life going.... whatever). But now the main engine is built! So what we´ve got here:
A bouncing rubber bubble!
A flying Soap bubble!
A heavy steel bubble!
The next week I´m gonna spend in tuning the engine, making everything more has to feel perfect! And then, and that is the point i was looking forward to, it is time for my grafix crew to create my characters!
Dominik Gröstlinger
Thomas Madreiter
Hannes Drexl
Prepare your pencils and Mouses!
OH Yea!

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