"I am from Europe from the 80s!" 

Mag. (Fh) Juergen Brunner
Phone:  +43 (0) 660 55 20 800
Skype:  KnownAsJot
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Current Job(s):
  • Independent Game Developer (Freelancer since 2010) - IlikeScifi Games
  • Independent Musician (Freelancer since 2006) - Ilikescifi Music 
  • Junior Researcher for Pervasive Entertainment & Augmented Reality Games (Fulltime) - University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

    •  Music, Soundtrack, Sfx (Cubase, Reason, Wavelab,... )
    •  Game- & Leveldesign, 2D Gamedevelopment & Prototyping (Multimedia Fusion 2  Developer, Game Maker Pro, Swf Export, Unity 3D - in progress)
    •  Sound Implementation (Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer, Unity 3D) 
    •  3D Experience (Modeling, Texturing, Animation - Maya)
    •  Film Experience (Director, Camera, Editor, Sound)

Big Deals
  • Award winning Video Game ("Pitiri 1977")
  • 3D Internship in Hollywod / Los Angeles (Snoot Entertainment - "Bunraku" & "Battle for Terra")
  • Award winning Flash Games ("Ace of Mace")
  • Playing a gig in Los Angeles (Genghis Cohen)

Where I want to go
  • Music & Soundtracks for Videogames & Movies
  • Game- & Leveldesign for all kind of Gametypes

"Jürgen Brunner, known as Jot, was born 1981 in Linz, Austria. He loves and creates music since many years and plays guitar, bass, piano, drums, blues harp and he especially loves to sing. Besides learning how to play the violin he graduates at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg at the moment by creating a videogame. Game development is his second big passion. He and his team mates won the Europrix Multimedia Award 2009 in the category “games” with the project “Ace of Mace”. In summer 2009 he was working on 2 feature movies (Bunraku with Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore,... & Battle for Terra with the voices of Mark “Skywalker” Hamill, Dennis Quaid,... ) as a 3d artist in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Currently working on:

The award winning game “Pitiri 1977”, which will be a grim, physics Adventure Platformer playing in the late 1970´s.

Pervasive Games at the University of applied sciences in Salzburg as a full time Junior Researcher.

Several Music Projects just like a game soundtrack, a shortmovie and the 6th Home Studio Album."