Samstag, 21. März 2009

They play November Rain on Jack Fm...

Well i guess it´s time to remind myself of the beginnings. In the beginning, there was Elementation: Elementation was my first full game Idea from A to Z and in the beginning it looked like, that the game could be developed within my gamedev course at the university of applied sciences in Salzburg. My Gamedev Teacher thought the idea is kind of new (and he know´s damn much about games and everything behind it) and that it had pretty everything a good game needed, except: people to create it. So what happened: nothing, unfortunately! It was too complex to create in one year.

First Level of Elementation

After I tried to create a prototype of a 2D version of Elementation (it actually went pretty well) moved to Los Angeles for an Internship in a VFX company. That means: No time for games at all.

But during my time in La, something great happened. Another game (I made the soundtrack and the level design a year before my internship) won 1 AWARD after another!

And even if dont care too much for prices....well, thats a lie...but anyhow: i was really motivated again! I wanted to create my own 2D game as my diploma. Elementation was far, far away and actually I didnt really wanted to wake up that sleeping dog again. So I tried do find a way around Elementation, a game idea in which some of the cool elements of Elementation (yea...nice word joke... I know) are main parts of. I started to get the most out of MultiMedia Fusion 2 Developer, the programm/language I was also using for Elementation 2D.
And now...well now it looks pretty new project: P I T I R I !

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