Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Back to the Roots

I like Science Fiction. I guess you guys know that by now. I like old movies, I like some of the new movies, I like most of the sci fi videogames, I like scifi books and comics, damn I even like science fiction wallpaper!

So it makes me happy that good friends of mine (I still can call them friends because sooner or later the are gonna be BIIIIIG IN THE MOVIES and will not know small indie jot no more...) are working on one fantastic Science Fiction Drama called "Back to the Roots"...


  1. thanks, jot, for the feature and the nice words. and you’re always be a friend of us, even when you’re BIIIIIIG IN GAMES yourself! and by big i mean friendly+innovative+indie+hugely successful!

  2. Thx Phil. It´s a pleasure to post something that awesome... no wait... something that AAAAAAAWWWWWWWESOME on the ilikescifi blog.