Dienstag, 3. April 2012

This is very close to what I dream of since...

... always I guess. I don´t know if i made the Stephen King Story "The night flyer" a little bit more interesting in my head (I do this from time to time - who am I fooling - I do this most of the times when I am inside my head), but I think I remember that this "vampire" story is taking place in a world of aeronauts. It´s the late 1980s as much as I remember, but everybody in this story seems to fly a plane to work etc. instead of a car. I liked this idea. I mean I really like it. I wish it would be like this to be honest!

Ah right , speaking of King... And to be totally honest now - I have NEVER read the dark tower epos. Shame on me! I have heard from every science fiction friend I ever had, that it is one of the best stories ever written. Maybe I just wait till the movie comes out! Long story short - Check this out:

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