Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Fez did it again...

... and guess what. ILikeFez! I have never played it, but i really like it. It looks to me like a perfect working (little) game, built after one great idea. It plays with the history of Jump n Runs and it looks like a perfect mixture of 1989 and 2012. Thats why I already totally agree with the IGF team: grand prize for Fez!

Check out the other winners and nomenies of the Igf website! It is very exciting to watch this festival since 5th of March. Maybe I did not tell you, but I have also sent Pitiri 1977 in the race. We did not make it to the nomenies BUT Pitiri is Part of the Clickteam Booth at the GDC in San Fancisco!

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