Dienstag, 22. März 2011

First Kinekt Game(s)

Very important Update: There is indeed one more thing to tell. Call it unconscious, call it influence. The Unicorn Mini Game definitely has a spiritual father called Mr. Phil Strahl.
This guy knows pretty much everything about unicorns one can know about unicorns! And guess what, in this special branch of REAL animals, he has been my mentor for many years :)


  1. Nice job!,I've posted your video on http://www.kinecthacks.nl/2011/03/24/kinect-hack-mini-games-1-21-gigawatts/


  2. ...and on observing the screenshot closer: it seems as if the unicorn's hoof is modeled like a artiodactyl but a unicorn is an equids. if you want your game to be biologically correct ;p

  3. I forgot master phil :) I will repair this poor, poor unicorn!