Dienstag, 23. März 2010

I wish I had those saveslots in real life!

The most complex thing so far is the save - engine (is it called like this? i don´t know...but it fits). What needs to be saved is the number of upgrades the player has discovered, if those upgrades HAVE been discovered, the location, the level, the length of the health bar, the ... You see, its pretty a lot of factors I have to cope with. Yea, it was fun in the beginning, when suddenly something works, but now, that I have to think of ALL those numbers at once, its - well its frightening, honestly!


  1. dude, i know exactly what you mean. sometimes when playing games and wonder about the size of simple save-states i start thinking about *what* has actually been saved. for example S.T.A.L.K.E.R saves the location of every corpse with every weapon you leave behind along your way, it's crazy. and it even works! so if you pull this off: respect!

  2. Damn right Phil! Horrible to even think of the save stats of Stalker! I sometimes miss the "Oh, you´re dead? Too bad for you sucker! Start the game from the beginning with 3 lifes!!"