Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

The small things

It is strange, but it is nothing new. The game was lagging. The thing was: only when the player was moving right aka. was holding the right arrow key. The lag came every now and then (all 6 seconds somehow)and my first thought (and the first one of pretty everyone in the fantastic daily click and martin 2k forums )was: ahhh of course the graphics.
No way. I tried around a couple of hours...debugging...testing every little inch of my game: no bug in the graphics or anything common.

Second thought: theh player movemnts. Of course! I thought. When the player is moving MUST be somewhere there! A couple of hours later: guess what!? No bug there (at least not this one!!).

Then i was lucky or better I used the "Holzhammer Taktik". I deletet one group after another and checked out what happened. Long story short: This MASTER OF BUGS was a combination of a not working "OR" function and a sound problem!!! Sound!? Hä!? I dont think of it any longer. It works now and just like I wrote a couple of weeks ago: some things you just can not understand!

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