Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

Alpha Blending and other real life problems

Ok so here is how it is (again): There are some fantastic shaders for Multimedia Fusion 2 (for HWA). The problem is, as far as you use em for static objects they work fine, if you are using them on moving, dynamic objects, the "Pc geht in die Knie" - means, that the grafics are creating lags (even tiny little grafix like i have posted below). So unfortunately, for I am using loads of dynamic objects, i can not use those shaders for those objects. But the people behind HWA made a great job with the FIRST shaders (the old clickteam shaders). So I will try my best with those. The more simple, the better (again).

Pretty small for someone, who makes so much trouble, ey!?

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