Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Some lines about Saving, Loading and working sheets

Just like I said one day, it´s all about planning things out, listening to good music and have the right idea at the right moment. Something like that.

Well, this is the wall right in front of me. Nice, isn´t it? Actually i dont see anymore walls in my room, it´s all filled out with paper, drawings or other game related stuff. It´s all about planning!

This is the scheme for my "saving - loding" model. It took me the whole day (03.09.2009) to find the perfect way for this important part of my game. Nothing sucks more than this logical, schematic work, but it is (hopefully) worth it, in the end. And the best part: the game will "only" have checkpoints!!! But, and that is something, that noone sees, tons of variables need to be saved for a good working checkpoint (health, orientation, place, abilities, items,...). I will implement this paper above this night.

Here we go: these are my beautiful counters, extensions and stuff like that. Ahhh, sweet...

This is a more complex scheme of the abilities and forms of the game character. Some things have changed, but the main thing was developed with this page.

This might be my "Flux Capacitor" drawing!!!!!!!!!!

For all of you unknowing people out there, that´s that:

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