Sonntag, 16. August 2009

Its all about a good timetable & planning

Ok...while I am listening to Zelda Reorchestrated sounds (mainly from A link to the past) i realized how important a good timetable and even more a good planned project is! I made a little break in creating music and working on mmf and put my main efforts into paper again.

Currently I am planning which counters i really need, how many more counters/variables I need and how the howle number/math/frameswitch - level up thing will work. Its a pretty logical thing...and hell, i am not called "Mr locial" by my friends (i´m afraid its the opposite). But yea, thats the way it is....and it´s not allways funny, flower happy time. Today (even if its sunny here in Austria) is the big "LOGICAL DAY". Oh yea, sounds like a nerd music festival or something.

-Hint (yea...i think i´m gonna start with this): Plan your game, your levels and your time wisely!


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